We recently have received our new order of Dual Band 2 Meter / 70 cm Hand Held Radio Antenna's
We are selling these out quickly for $ 9.99 each. These are the same antenna that sell for $16.95 elsewhere.

Communications is the key to survival. We carry a full line of 2 Way Hand Held, Mobiles & Base Radios & accessories.

We also provide digital programming services for all communication equipment

Pricing depends on quantity - Please call 765-209-4589 or email us at for pricing and details

Has as you're local public safety gone silent on your scanner?


Many public safety agencies in Ohio and elsewhere have upgraded their radio system to an APCO-25 digital trunking system using Phase I technology. The most advanced digital scanner is now required to monitor this area.

We can help you select the right scanner -- and we offer programming to insure that the radio is ready to use right out of the box. Whether it's for your home, your business or for a friend. Contact us today.

If you already have a digital scanner and would like us to program it for the new system. (If you're not sure if your scanner is digital please email or call us at 765-209-4589 with the model number or a photo.)

* Not all the talkgroups have been determined as the system is so new. Some tactical talkgroups may now be encrypted, it is very early in the conversion process. But the primary talkgroups for dispatch are known as well as some others and will be programmed. If you wish to do find and program additional talkgroups in the future you can use the scanner's search mode.

Nagoya NA-771 VHF/UHF Antenna in for AnyTone, BaoFeng, Wouxun & Kenwood Radios $ 10.00 (Shipping is included)

We handle BAOFENG - WOUXUN and TYT (DMR & ANALOG Radios )


All Radios including local frequency programming

7 & 8 Watt VHF/UHF 2 Way Radio & 5 Watt VHF/UHF 2 Way Radios & DMR radios


Nagoya UT106 136-174/400-460MHz 2.15dbi Mobile Antenna for BaoFeng, Wouxun $ 15.95 (includes shipping)

- NAGOYA UT-106 10w Antenna for BAOFENG UV5R / UV5RA / UV5RE HIYG.
- It is a vehicle-mounted antenna for hand-held radio.
- Suitable For Radio Models:
BAOFENG: UV5R/Plus, UV5RA/Plus, UV5RE/Plus, UV5RB, UV5RC, UV5RD, UV3RPlus, BF-320, BF-480, BF-490, BF-520, BF-V6, BF-V8 etc…
WOUXUN: KG-UVD1P, KG-816, KG-818, KG-819, KG-869, KG-889, KG-833, KG-659/E, KG-699, KG-669, KG-669plus, KG-689, KG-679, KG-659, KG-689plus 
LINTON: LT-2288, LT-3288, LT-5288, LT-3188, LT-2188, LT-3260, LT-2268, LT-3268 
PUXING: PX-777, PX-666, PX-3288, PX-555, PX-666, PX-888, PX-6288
WEIERWEI: VEV-3288S ,VEV-3288 V-1000
FEIDAXIN: FD-6288, FD-268, FD-288, FD-150A, FD450A, FD160A, FD450A, FD-460A
Product name: Nagoya UT106
Color: Black
Length: Approx. 16.9"
Diameter: Approx. 1.18"
Frequency range: 136-174 400-520 (MHz)
Impedance: 50 (Ω)
Gain: 2.15 (dB)
Max power: 10W
Applicable models: Baofeng all models
Center frequency: 144 / 430MHZ
Weight: Less than a lb

RF Amplifers for BaoFeng, Wouxun & Kenwood Hand Held Radios

VHF/UHF Hand Held Radio Repeaters

Discone Portable VHF & UHF Antenna for  for AnyTone, BaoFeng, Wouxun & Kenwood Hand Held Radios

7.4v 3800mah Li-ion Extended Battery & Radio Battery Systems for AnyTone, BaoFeng, Wouxun & Kenwood Hand Helds

Cigarette Lighter Chargers for AnyTone, BaoFeng, Wouxun & Kenwood Hand Held Radios

Microphones for BaoFeng, Wouxun & Kenwood Hand Held Radios $ 9.95 (Includes shipping)

Radio Carry Case Chest Pocket Universal Bag Holster
 for AnyTone, Baofeng, Wouxun & Kenwood Hand Held Radios

We program the following Scanners & Hand Held Radios

Radio Shack Scanners

PRO-64 PRO-76 PRO-79 PRO-82 PRO-83 PRO-84 PRO-89 PRO-93 PRO-94(B) PRO-95 PRO-96 PRO-97 PRO-99
PRO-106 PRO-137 PRO-160 PRO-162 PRO-163 PRO-164 PRO-197 PRO-404 PRO-405 PRO-433 PRO-528
PRO-2017 PRO-2018 PRO-2019 PRO-2041 PRO-2052 PRO-2055 PRO-2051 PRO-2054 PRO-2096

Uniden Scanners

BC-95XLT BCD436HP BCD536HP BC-895XLT BC-245XLT BC-780XLT BC-250D BC-785D BC-296D BC-796D
BCT-8 BCT-15 BCT-15X BC-125AT BC-230 BC-246 BCD346XT BC-396 BCD396XT BC-898T BC-996 BC-330
Home Patrol BCD-436HP BCD-536HP

GRE Scanners

PSR-800 PSR-700 PSR-600 PSR-500 PSR-310 PSR-410 PSR-300 PSR-300 PSR-400 PSR-200 PSR-200U PSR-100 PSR-120

Hand Held Radios

Baofeng & Wouxun

Need your scanner or handheld programmed? We can do it for you! Price does not include shipping charges.
Include Programming Police, Fire & EMS also Amateur Radio, U.S. Government, Military &Aviation frequencies

We also update firmware, & install paid upgrades like the DMR, ProVoice, & Extreme Update.

DMR, ProVoice, Extreme updates for Uniden scanners need to be done at our facility, other updates & programming Uniden Database scanners are accomplished by replacement SD Cards.

We provide a wide range of communication products & services. We have a complete line of communication equipment from hand held radios to mobiles & base units & accessories such as power supplies, solar chargers & portable & mobile antennas.

We also provide programming services for hand held radios, analog, digital & trunk based scanners. No matter your location we can program your communication equipment with your local communication frequencies to include law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services, military, FEMA, Homeland Security, Amateur Radio, FRS, GMRS, MURS, Business Band & National Weather Services & other State & Federal Agencies.

Provide us with your location & we will program your hand held 2 way radio, mobile radios & base radios or your scanner with the emergency communications & Amateur Radio frequencies in the area. If you do not have a 2 way radio we can provide you with one at the lowest price available.

Looking to get your Amateur Radio license ? We can provide you with training material & practice tests. Looking to purchase equipment ? We can provide you with reviews on thousands of communication equipment.

Want a digital scanner but don't' have the bucks ? We can construct for you a laptop or desktop scanner system that will scan everything from 25 MHz to 2000 MHz AM-FM & Digital & without breaking the bank. We can provide the necessary software & other accessories all for less than $100.00 for all the necessary software & hardware.

We also upgrade Digital Scanner ROMS   

Scanners Programmed : Radio Shack - GRE - Uniden - Motorola - Whistler



Amazing for emergency kits. It also makes an excellent monitor for when you're transmitting and tuning a HAM rig!

GP5 SSB Communication Receiver

The new GP-5 SSB radio is made based on a continued request for a excellent quality general purpose information radio. These radios are re-modified for a specific client request with the help of Edison Fong PHD. We have a few left over to offer to our consumer preppers. Remember, always have a radio and be prepared, we are living in changing times. We are pleased to announce the GP-5/SSB radio with excellent HF communications monitoring in a unique hand held form factor and at a great price. The radio covers medium wave 520-1710 kHz shortwave 2300-30000 kHz and the FM band. Unlike most radios in this price category, the GP-5/SSB provides LSB and USB single sideband reception. It has a very unique Easy Tuning Mode (ETM). ETM does more the usual ATS. It scans all frequencies without taking up the memory spaces. So you get quick access to all local stations. Great for the traveler. There are also 550 regular memories (100 AM, 100 FM, 100 Amateur Radio and 250 Shortwave frequencies) available for tuning into your favorite stations. Another unique feature of the radio is its removable high sensitivity external AM ferrite antenna. This directional antenna clearly enhances AM band reception. The GP-5/SSB even employs DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, improving clarity and tone quality. This radio has been completely redesigned to be a important part of both your survival kit and your fun kit. The performance of this radio surpasses radios costing 2-3 times more.

Modes : AM, FM, SW, USB, LSB
Sterile Fiberboard Packaging Per Contract Requirements

Power Requirements:


We are your one stop Communication contact.

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