We have a full line of Survival Equipment. Everything from Bug Out Bags (BOB) to Solar Chargers and Emegency Lighting and Cooking Equipment. Let us put the ultimate BOB together for you. Our Bug Out Bags are the best in the business while maintaining the lowest in costs. Items include radio equipment, solar chargers, cook stoves, food, emegency solar blankets, emergency sleeping bags, emergency tools ( wire saws, multi-purpose tools ), water purification systems, compass, fishing gear and medical supplies. We personally utilize the same products we place in each of the BOB's we compile. If the items do not pass our tests then you will never see it in your BOB.

And when you use Elementary Survival you have access to us for consultation for free. If you have a problem we will work on it for free to solve your survival problems.

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Richard E. Buckner

Here is the content of one of our BOB's

Solar Power (Charger) Bug Out Bag
Military P38 & P51 Can Opener Combo Pack 
5 Watt 2 Way VHF/UHF Radio (FM Broadcast) W/Antenna, Battery Pack, Charger, Microphone / Earplug
Camelback Military Water Reservoir 100 Ounces
LifeStraw Personal Water Purification System
Heavy Duty Emergency Solar Thermal Sleeping Bag
Bivvy Sack
Survival Camp Blanket
Paracord (29 feet)
Fishing Kit
Fire Starter
Carabiner, Wipes
LED Flashlight
Wire Saw
Iron Wire & Pins
First Aid Kit (Band-aids, Repellent, Wipes, Antiseptic Ointment)
20 Waterproof Matches 
Pasta Packs Emergency Food Rations
Bottle of Aspirins 150 Tablets 325 mg
Multipurpose Tool & Knife
Survival Cooking Pot
Bobcat Survival Cooking Stove
Condiments (Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Sweetener, Ketchup, Mustard)
Plastic Knives, Forks and Spoons

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